Dr Samantha Farrimond


I provide effective psychological assessment and treatment of a range of problems. I use a number of empirically based treatments with a primary emphasis on cognitive-behaviour therapy. Treatment may be provided on an individual (1:1) or group-based format. My practice is guided by evidence-based research and current developments in psychological assessment and therapy. I use a team-based approach and consult with other clinicians in the field when required. The therapy models I work from are problem focused, collaborative, and time limited.

My services include:

Anxiety; worry; stress; depression; problems with adjustment to life stressors and change; coping difficulties; relationship difficulties; distress due to chronic illness or general health problems; sleep difficulties; loss; grief and bereavement; aging concerns; work and occupational problems; sexual abuse, problems with sexual functioning; Panic attacks; phobias (e.g. agoraphobia, social phobia); eating problems (bulimia, anorexia nervosa, obesity; self esteem, and Assertiveness.

Special Area of expertise/interest:

Please feel free to phone me to discuss whether my services will be suitable for your needs. Your first one or two appointments are dedicated to understanding your current difficulties and working together to identify what the goals of therapy are and the type of treatment best for you. A treatment plan will then be discussed and will include likely number of sessions and treatment duration.